About Dr. Cooney

Maureen Cooney, DO, is a pediatric specialist with a passion for serving families in and around Nyack, New York. With more than two decades of experience in both private practice and hospital-based care, Dr. Cooney has had a positive impact on the lives of hundreds of children and finds her work at Nyack Pediatrics, her private practice, deeply rewarding.

Education has always played a central role in Dr. Cooney’s life. She earned her medical degree from New York College of Osteopathic Medicine. She continues to expand her skills and knowledge through ongoing education opportunities.

Dr. Cooney believes that one of her most important roles is establishing a positive impression of health care among the children she treats. Kids develop strongly held opinions about doctors based on their early experiences, and once a negative impression is made it can last long into adulthood. Dr. Cooney takes the time to get to know the children in her care and build relationships that foster open dialogue and trust.

Parent education is just as important. Dr. Cooney understands the anxieties parents have about their children’s’ health and development. She makes sure that any questions or concerns are addressed right away and empowers parents to make the best possible decisions on behalf of their children.

Among Dr. Cooney’s areas of expertise are pediatric eating disorders, adolescent gynecology, and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorders. It’s not always easy to find those services, and the ability to obtain a high level of specialized care from the pediatrician your child already knows and trusts is invaluable.

If you’re searching for a pediatrician who places your child’s needs at the forefront of every interaction, look no further than the services of Dr. Maureen Cooney. Schedule an appointment to sit down with her to discuss her unique approach to children’s health and to give your child a chance to meet Dr. Cooney and her team.