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Your child’s annual pediatric checkup is the foundation of good health. These visits are beneficial in numerous ways and are a cornerstone of Nyack Pediatrics in Nyack, New York. If your child is overdue for an annual pediatric checkup, or if your family is searching for a new pediatric specialist, book an appointment online or by phone with Maureen Cooney, DO today. You’ll learn about her approach to pediatric health and wellness and experience her compassion for all those who entrust her with their care.

Annual Pediatric Checkup

Why are annual pediatric checkups important?

Your child’s annual pediatric checkup is the central component of his or her health and wellness. These visits deliver a wide range of benefits, but one of the most powerful is the chance to develop a positive relationship with Dr. Cooney in a low-stress setting.

Your child is far more likely to develop a positive impression about health care during annual checkups than during a visit centered on an illness or injury.

Annual pediatric checkups also are an opportunity for Dr. Cooney and her staff to gather essential information about your child’s development.

The data compiled on height, weight, and other basic health statistics will form the bulk of your child’s medical record and will let Dr. Cooney evaluate their developmental progress.

What happens during a pediatric checkup?

Your child’s visits will change a bit as they grow older, but annual pediatric checkups always include checks of routine vital signs.

A physical exam follows, allowing Dr. Cooney to check your child’s reflexes, strength, flexibility, and other health standards.

Every effort is made to put your child at ease and make these visits something to look forward to. Dr. Cooney chose to specialize in pediatric care based on her genuine love of children, and she enjoys the chance to build a relationship with each young person in her care.

How can I prepare for my child’s annual pediatric checkup?

Be sure to let your child know the visit is coming up and speak about the experience in a positive way. Your child will pick up on your own approach to doctor visits, so be sure to provide a good example.

You also can make the most of your visit by bringing in a list of any health issues your child has faced since the last visit. Be sure to mention any urgent or emergency care and if your child is taking any medications or supplements.

Be prepared to answer questions about your child’s activity levels, nutrition, and sleep patterns. If you have any questions or concerns, bring in a list to make sure you get the information you need during your visit.

When you’re ready to get started, schedule a visit using the online booking tool or call the office to check availability.