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As your son or daughter moves through the stages of childhood, well-child and sick visits with a pediatric specialist will be part of that process. Maureen Cooney, DO, of Nyack Pediatrics is honored to be the physician of choice for many families. If you’re searching for a doctor who is experienced with pediatric care and is dedicated to building relationships with the children, book a time to come in and meet with Dr. Cooney. Call the Nyack, New York, office today or schedule your appointment online.

Well Child and Sick Visits

What are well-child visits?

Well-child visits will make up the bulk of your child’s interactions with his or her pediatrician. These visits are an opportunity for Dr. Cooney to evaluate your child’s overall health and wellness. They are also the setting where she can assess developmental progress.

Your child will need more frequent well-child visits when they’re very young because development occurs more rapidly during the first few years of life. After that, an annual well-child visit is usually sufficient.

What happens during well-child visits?

Each visit will include a full physical exam and a collection of your child’s vital signs, height, and weight. Dr. Cooney will discuss topics like nutrition, sleep, and home safety.

If the results of the exam suggest a need for additional screening, Dr. Cooney will explain the available options and guide you through the next steps. Well-child visits also are the setting where your child receives vaccinations according to the guidelines for their age.

Perhaps, the most important part of well-child visits is the opportunity for parents to ask questions and discuss any concerns they have about their child’s health and development. Bring in a list of questions to make sure you don’t forget anything important during your visit.

What are pediatric sick visits?

As the name implies, sick visits are focused on diagnosing and treating illness. Having a trusted specialist to turn to when your child falls ill is an invaluable resource for parents.

Sick visits can range from treating the flu or a strep infection to diagnosing a complex medical condition. In most cases, Dr. Cooney can determine the cause of your child’s symptoms and begin treatment during the initial visit, but there are cases where additional screening is necessary.

In the event your child needs specialized care, Dr. Cooney can help coordinate those services and work with that team to ensure continuity of care.

To schedule a well-child or sick visit with Dr. Cooney, call the office today or use the convenient online booking tool.