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If your child plays youth athletics, high school sports, or even plans to head off to camp, a sports physical may be part of that process. Maureen Cooney, DO of Nyack Pediatrics offers thorough sports physicals that can help your child get in the game and give you the peace of mind that they are ready to withstand the rigors of sports and fitness. Booking a sports physical is as simple. Call the Nyack, New York, office today or schedule a quick visit using the online booking tool.

Sports Physicals

Why are sports physicals required?

The benefits of playing organized sports are well documented, but there are also inherent risks in many types of physical activity.

Sports physicals are a way for youth sports organizations, camps, and schools to ensure players are in good health before they begin training, practicing, or competing in youth athletics.

Many states require a pre-participation physical examination, or sports physical, before a child begins any school-based sports program. The organization mandating the physical will usually provide a form that outlines the information required, which can vary.

What happens during a sports physical?

A sports physical is focused on the aspects of your child’s health that directly pertain to his or her ability to participate in a particular sport. You should expect a check of vital signs as well as height and weight.

An eye exam is common and determines if corrective eyewear is needed for your child to see properly. You’ll be asked about your child’s personal and family health history to determine if additional screening is needed.

A routine physical exam follows. Dr. Cooney will evaluate your child’s heart and lung function, reflexes, posture, flexibility, and joint health.

Can I use my sports physical to meet the requirements of a camp, school, or daycare?

Because a sports physical is focused on determining if your child is physically prepared to participate in a specific sport, it usually cannot be used for any other purpose. An exception might be a camp centered on the same sport.

School-required physicals often focus more on your child’s development and immunization records. You might even need a new sports physical if your child decides to pursue another sport.

What happens if my child doesn’t pass their sports physical?

It can be difficult when a sports physical reveals signs that your child does not meet the requirements to play a particular sport. However, this is precisely what a sports physical is designed to do.

If there is a condition or concern that prevents your child from participating in a new sport or a new season, getting the necessary treatment is important for his or her long term health and wellness.

Many issues that arise during a sports physical can be treated in time for the child to enroll in the next season. If your child needs a sports physical, call or use the online tool to schedule an appointment that fits your busy life. Every effort is made to meet organization deadlines.